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Title: Heat
Author: dark_angel)874
Rating: I'd say... R.
Length: 722. Short one.
Spoilers: None, though it takes place post McKinley.
Summary:Rachel and Quinn make a bet. Neither are willing to back down.


Okay so... I wrote this spur of the moment and to see if  could write smut. Well. Here it is! THis is my first time writing smut mind you so um, comments and criticisms and such are welcome.

Rachel’s eyes are clenched shut, bottom lip held tightly between her teeth as she arcs her back and resists the urge to cry out. Her skin is flushed and covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Her fingers press into her bedsheets, nearly turning white from pressure as she gathers the fabric into her hands and bunches it into fists.

From below, Rachel hears a chuckle. Managing to open her eyes, if only a fraction, she sees a familiar wild blonde head slowly raising from between her spread legs. Hazel eyes meet her own dark brown, and the blonde simply smirks, cocking her head slightly.

When the blonde sweeps a pink tongue over that bottom lip and lets out a small hum of excitement, Rachel realizes (with a heavy blush and a sudden intake of breath) that the dim light of the room is most certainly not reflecting off of saliva. 

“You know, you don’t have to make it so hard on yourself.” The blonde laughs. She strokes a thumb along Rachel’s inner thigh, making the woman’s muscles positively quiver. Pale hands keep tan legs spread open, and though Rachel feels exposed, she pushes her feelings away. When she wants to win, she wins.

“Quinn…” Rachel breathes, a hand reaching down to push through those golden locks. She smooths back the hair from Quinn’s face, revealing more of her sculpted features, making that faintly challenging smirk (a remnant of her head-bitch-in-charge cheerio days) more visible. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Rachel opens her mouth to speak once again…

And finds herself having to bite onto her lip hard as Quinn suddenly swipes a thumb over her clit. Yet while not a sound comes from her mouth, her body does all the talking - her hips jolt off the bed and cant upwards, making Quinn chuckle once again as she pats Rachel’s hip.

“That’s not fair.” Rachel huffs, an arm flopping over her eyes. Though she cannot see, she knows what Quinn’s response is - another smirk, another throaty and low laugh.

“I don’t always play fair, I thought you knew that?” Quinn teases. Reaching up, she pulls Rachel’s arm away from her eyes. There’s a twinkle in her hazel gaze, amusement colouring the look she gives Rachel.

“Quinn Fabray. You should know that when we made this bet, I expected you to abide by the rules. I even drew up a contract for you to sign to avoid such a mess, though you positively refused to even look at it, and-“

Rachel’s breath catches in her throat as Quinn suddenly ducks her head back down, burying it between Rachel’s legs once again. The brunette feels the heat of Quinn’s breath on her thigh, the manicured fingernails gently digging into her skin - but most of all, she feels the long, slow, burning drag of Quinn’s tongue against her centre.  

A shiver goes up Rachel’s spine from the delicious heat, and it takes all of her power not to throw her head back and let out a pleading moan.

“Just let go Rachel.” Quinn murmurs against Rachel’s delicate flesh, the vibrations of her words sending pleasant tingles throughout Rachel’ body. Still, the girl shakes her head resolutely. She’s not willing to back down.

“Same stubborn girl as ever.” The former head cheerleader laughs, voice husky. Flicking her tongue against the spot that she knows will make Rachel twitch, hazel meets brown once again.

“I’ll ask you one more time, Rachel. Give in. Let me make you scream.”

Though all of Rachel’s primal needs are screaming at her, begging her, pleading for her to give in, the young star shakes her head.

“I have to sing tomorrow. If you think that I’m going to wear out my vocal chords, even if it’s you, you’re wrong.”

“Suit yourself.” Quinn shrugs.  Her lips are swollen, red, and wet - and again they curve into that familiar smirk that Rachel loves and hates so much. A fire sparks in Quinn’s eyes as she lowers herself back down once more.

Putting on her most beautiful show smile, she meets Rachel’s eyes one more time.

“Guess I’m going to have to try harder.”

And with that, she turns back to her feast, making Rachel seriously question why her vocals class was so important in the first place.

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How do you feel when an adapted film's story deviates from the original material?

It depends for me, personally. If it's small changes, thats fine. If its major but not that major, I can deal.

If its changing big things like in The Last Airbender, I'll get mad.

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Is there a film that you think is perfect in its original form and should never be remade?

Wizard of Oz.

butttt theyve started on that, so yeah :(


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What's the best movie you've seen so far this year? How about the best song? The best book?

So far this year I haven't seen too many movies... about 3 I think: Avatar, The Princess and the Frog, and She's Out Of My League. I think the second one is the best one so far for me.

Best song, I can't really think of any in particular.

Best book? The Da Vinci Code. It's not new, but I read it for the first time this year and loved it.


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If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

The kind of fashion where boys wear skinny jeans and converse, thereby making themselves look like clowns.


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If you could have the writing ability of one author, who would you choose, and why? Would you exchange writing styles permanently?

Dan Brown. I've become addicted to his books [the Robert Langdon ones especially] and his writing style just captivates me and draws me in, so I literally cannot put the book down.

Would I exchange styles permanently? Possibly. It all depends- he sure does do a lot fo research for the most accurate descriptions in books.

Other than Dan Brown, there are a couple of fanfiction writers who I'd exchange styles with, because their stories have the same effect on me.


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I just need to let all my feelings out, and what better place than this I guess.


I think I've got a bad case of the christmas blues.

Christmas is supposed to be merry. It is, isn't it?

I don't know anymore. Not for me so much.

Maybe its because of all the flack I have to put up with from my parents, lovely people they are.

Maybe it's because everyone seems to be too majorly busy to even spare a 'hi' anymore.

Whatever the reason, im feeling left out and lonely, feeling ostracized by a lot of the people that I know.

Even the people I get along extremely well with seem to be upset or sad or some kind of negative emotion whnever I speak to them. That, or somethin I say causes them to be upset or sad or have some equally negative emotion. And other days, to other people, I cant even get  word into the conversation before it ends.

Maybe im being selfish here. God, I hope not.

Current Mood: discontent discontent

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Are there any classic holiday movies or TV shows that you look forward to watching year after year? What are your all-time favorites? Are there any you simply can't stand?

Does Home Alone count? I love the movie. Ive watched it at least 3 times so far this season and it has never gotten tiring.


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If your romantic partner told you that, given the chance, he or she would sleep with a celebrity/public figure you disrespect, would you be amused, jealous, or bewildered? How would they react if the situation were reversed?

Depends on the figure, I guess, and the level of disrespect towards that figure. Depending on that, I'd either make a face and let it slide, or full out ask why, then drop it.

If the situation were reversed? I'd probably get an ew, banter about it, and then move on.

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What's the best pick-up line you ever heard (or tried)? What's the worst? If you're instantly attracted to someone, will a stupid pick-up line dampen your interest?

Best pickup lines:

*beckon a person to come over with one finger, once they come over*

I made you come with one finger, imagine what I can do with my entire hand!

Worst pickup line:

Hey, I lost my phone number, can I have yours?

And I think, if the pickup line was honestly the most terrible one in the world, it would dampen my interest. If I had any interest. Most of the time I find pickup lines funny.

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